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Each body is unique. Even when doing yoga, receiving personal training that focuses on one person leads to learning how to use the body correctly, which is often overlooked.


Private Lessons are taught by professional yoga instructors who carefully listen and care for each individual and teach yoga methods according to his or here needs. There are many requests from people with special occupations such as athletes and models, but this service is also highly recommended for the general public. Yoga is a wisdom that can heal everyone, so we also accept consultations for those who have aftereffects of injuries, those who are in rehabilitation, and those who are older who find it difficult to participate in regular classes.


■In studio Private Lesson【60 min. class】¥6,400
※When two people take the class, the price will be ¥3,900 per person.

■Onsite Private Lesson【60 min. class】¥8,600

※When two persons take the class, the price will be ¥7,100 per person。

Rental mats and props (blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets, meditation cushions) are free.

*All yoga mats used at YOGART are made by Manduka, a luxury yoga brand popular for its non-slip, moist touch and firm grip even when sweating. They are also well known for their environmental

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インド、ヨーロッパでヨガ指導者養成コースに関わりながら、岡山県でもヨガスタジオYOGART (とインターナショナルヨガ合宿センターを経営。妻と二人の子供と共に岡山県西粟倉村に在住。

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