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Ayurveda, meaning "the science of life," is a variety of practical wisdom that enhances the health of our lives. 
Ayurvedic Health Counselling (AHC) allows you to understand your physical and mental condition from an objective and comprehensive Ayurvedic perspective. 
And you can receive accurate advice from the viewpoint of Ayurveda on "what you can actually continue" in your daily life. 

Ayurvedic Health Councelling 

A personalised Ayurvedic health Care Plan
Carefully listen to each person's physical and mental condition, innate temperament (prakriti), disordered temperament (vikriti), digestive fire (agni) and undigested matter (ama) We ascertain the condition of the patient and provide a “custom-made recipe for life” according to the season, age, and living environment.

●Recipes for a custom-made lifestyle Create 
and introduce practical recipes according to the client's symptoms and wishes, such as dietary content, lifestyle (lifestyle habits), methods of exercising the body, stress management (meditation, breathing methods, etc.), etc. To do.

●You can choose from 1 time, 2 times, or 4 times depending on your purpose and convenience.

●Both online and face-to-face are possible. Please let us know your preference when booking. In the case of face-to-face, the venue will be YOGART STUDIO in Tsuyama City, Okayam Prefecture . Please contact us if you would like to meet with us on a business trip. Venue and transportation expenses are at your own expense.

Consultation process

  • Reservation : Enter the desired number of times, date, time, format (face-to-face / online) in the form and send it

  • Reservation Confirmation : After adjusting the schedule, we will inform you of the transfer destination. Reservation will be confirmed with payment confirmation.

  • Questionnaire : After confirming your reservation, we will send you a "questionnaire" by e-mail. (First time counseling only)

  • Initial counseling (90 minutes) : Depending on the content, it may vary. note that.

  • After the initial consultation, you will receive a proposal by email.

  • Implement the proposal until follow-up.

  • Follow-up (60 minutes) : Varies depending on the content. We will ask you about what you were able to practice, what you couldn't do, your physical condition, etc., and make adjustments and new proposals for the practice content.

  • Follow-up suggestions will also be emailed to you at a later date.


Combo Start


120mi, ¥14,000




90 min, ¥8,000


Follow up


60 min, ¥5,000


Self Care Optimise


90 min+ 3x60 min, ¥25,000

*There will be a gap of about 4 weeks between the initial treatment and the follow-up.

[4-time course]
* Depending on the season, or when you want to concentrate and prepare your mind and body for several months

* Counselling can be received a total of 4 times. Recommended for those who want to concentrate and prepare their mind and body, and those who want to know how to prepare their mind and body with the change of the seasons.

* Term: 1 year from the first consultation

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