At YOGART our skilled teachers are encouraged to bring their own teaching style and voice, allowing for a unique yoga experience every time. Through our own individual growth and a strong sense of community, we open our hearts to the beauty and potential in each individual and in the wonder which can be found in every day.


石尾 圓
Madoka Ishio

(Arthreya Ayurveda Japan)代表
From the age of 16 years old I started to understand the mind and body connection through personal chronic disease and having been involved in the food industry for the last 13 years I am aware of the reality of food being a medicine to our mind, body and soul.


Aspire the way to the Ayurvedic therapist than experience in Ayurvedic oil treatments.Deepen learning as bodywork and therapists at the Ayurveda center Ayurveda doctor of three people over the Sri Lanka is absentia.

Arthreya Ayurveda Center loreAyurvedic therapist (2014)

Ayurveda instructor (2015)

Nippon Ayurveda SocietySefrou care adviser (2014)

I incorporate a Japanese specific approach in order to best advise in ayurveda. To incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda in daily life is a valid form of self-care. 

Olivier Charles
オリビエ チャールズ

Olivier discovered Yoga while living in London in 2003 and working as a Personal Trainer. Suffering from back pain and running injuries, yoga became an essential tool in his recovery – and later a passion in its own right. A few years later, Olivier travelled to India to pursue his first teacher training with Tribe Yoga and then returned to complete his 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified training with Sampoorna Yoga. More recently, Oliver has completed the Advanced Yoga Anatomy course with Leslie Karminoff and Amy Matthews, building his understanding of the body and yoga practice even further.

Over the years, Olivier has found that the key to a successful practice is in honouring the physical body’s limitations – and moving fearlessly into the possibilities of greater strength and flexibility through patient and persistent practice. He has a light hearted, compassionate and playful approach to teaching, and helps his students grow through judgement-free self observation.

Olivier leads teacher trainings and retreats as a resident teacher at Sampoorna Yoga ( Olivier now owns and runs a yoga studio ( in Stuyama and an international yoga retreat centre ( in Nishiawakura with his wife, Hiromi, and two children. 


Hiromi Charles 



Hiromi Charles

Having spent her childhood in Tsuyama for 10 years, launching this project is in itself a home coming. She hopes to create a space for young people to explore themselves and the possibilities of life through yoga and the arts, as well as empowering them to see the world as their future stage.

Mamiko Nabe

I started to dance from elementary school students, to yoga instructor through the guidance and theme park dancer of kids dancing.

I like to be involved with people, I love everyone's smile. I chose to be a yoga instructor to be involved with a variety of people young and old alike.

I feel that yoga offers a chance to find our way back to our inner self, often forgotten in our hectic life. 

I am full of gratitude to share the path of yoga with everyone.