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Annual membership fee 2,000 yen (valid for 1 year)

Springヨガ:はじめての方へ体験クラスキャンペーン 1回1,000円!

1) You can purchase all yoga wear and yoga accessories from the yoga brand “Manduka” at a 10% discount price.

2) You can participate in yoga camps held in Japan at a 5% discount.

3) You can purchase a ticket plan for 5 times.

4) If you have 5 tickets, you can use 1 ticket to invite your friends to the class (only for those who are new to YOGART).

5) Yoga mat storage (for ticket purchasers only)

Be sure to store the mat in a bag or use a strap. We will provide you with a membership number tag here.

6) Yoga mat rental (free)

*All of the yoga mats used in YOGART are manufactured by Manduka, a high-class yoga brand popular for their non-slip, moist texture and firm grip. Environmental considerations in the manufacturing process are also well known.


  *Please note that the annual membership fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


We accept orders for mats and apparel of "manduka" which reigns as the top brand of yoga mats, as well as domestic and foreign yoga wear, goods, etc.
※If you use this studio, you can purchase it at a great price!
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