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Does my body have to be flexible?

​We all have different bodies and we think that's something to celebrate.

There are some people who will never be able to put their feet behind their ears but so what?! Those who can, may look impressive but it doesn't make them healthier or happier than anyone else.
Having said that, we do believe that you should work to improve your flexibility. Better flexibility means better circulation and a healthier body. But the fact is you don't have to have the hamstrings of a gymnast to benefit from the yoga we teach. We will help you to find your place in every yoga pose.

Is it normal that I find the first few classes difficult?

Yes! Yoga can sometimes be much more cardio vascular work than people imagine. First-timers may also wake-up the next day feeling a few aches in places they didn't realize they had muscles, but the great news is this is because Yoga works.  The more you practice, the stronger and suppler your body will become and so, in turn, the more you will enjoy your practice. With a bit of dedication you'll make rapid progress and you will remember where your left knee and right shoulder are! ;-)
Yoga can be demanding but it is also invigorating. The relaxation exercises at the end of every practice will ensure you leave feeling calm and content.

Do I have to make a reservation or can I just drop-in?

We request that you make a reservation before your very first class with us, but you do not need to make a reservation for most of our classes. Just drop-in 10-15 min before the class to secure your place. However, Mindfulness (Meditation + Lunch) will be on reservation only, as places are limited to 8. 

Out of respect and etiquette, we close the studio access promptly when the class begins so students may enjoy the session. 

Can I bring my mobile phone into the studio?

We ask that you turn your phone off completely. Even the vibration of your phone can be heard during the quiet moments of a class. Please be respectful so that your phone will not interfere with your community as they practice.

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