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Yoga Lesson Consent Form

I fully understand and agree to the following.



1. I will take yoga lessons under the guidance of an instructor, take personal responsibility, pay attention to safety, and take yoga lessons within the limits of my physical limitations.

2. I confirm that I am currently in good health and that I have no problem taking yoga classes.

3. (If you already have an allergy, are injured, are sick, are pregnant, or have a physical disability due to congenital or acquired reasons) your doctor's consent. I will inform the studio when I take a yoga lesson.

4. For those who fall under the preceding paragraph, if there is any first aid that you would like to know in case of emergency, be sure to notify the studio before attending the yoga lesson.

5. Unless you have book a Yoga therapy sesion with our Accredited Yoga Therapist, Yoga classes are not a medical practice for the purpose of treatment or diagnosis. The purpose of treatment for allergic predisposition, disease, injury, illness, etc. I agree not to participate in therapeutic purposes. 

6. In the unlikely event that something is wrong with my physical condition during a yoga lesson, I agree to immediately stop taking the lesson and report it to the studio staff.

7. In the unlikely event that an injury, illness, etc. occurs during a yoga lesson, and if you become ill, suffer aftereffects, or die, you agree to be responsible for yourself, and regardless of the cause, the studio I agree not to hold any responsibility to the parties concerned.

8. In the unlikely event that an injury, illness, etc. occurs during a yoga lesson, I agree that the doctor and studio staff will provide first aid, and I will not raise any objection to the results of the first aid.

9. I accept responsibility for loss or theft of personal items.

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